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 June 10th Nutcombe Bottom Relay:
A great place for picnicking, bring the kids there is a play area and the tall trees trail
10am – 1pm
Teams of 3
The route is 1.50 miles off road on good trail paths so trail shoes are recommended.
(The short lap route will mean that there will be more regular changeovers meaning that there will be a more constant flow of runners through the start and finish area making it more interesting for the non-runners/supporters/family members. It will also mean that no one is stood around for too long waiting to run.)
The team that completes the most laps in 3hrs will be the winners. Only laps completed within the three hours will count towards the total, if there is a draw then the team completing the number in the quickest time will be the winners.
To enter please email you can put your name forward to be put into a team or you can enter your own team in which case please give the team name and members names.
There is no charge to enter the relay.
If you’re not running and will be willing to help with marshalling that would also be much appreciated just let me know.


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