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Exmoor Stagger/Stumble Cancelled 2022

Come to Exmoor and challenge yourself with The Exmoor Stagger - Exmoor’s classic trail run is 20 this year! With around 16 miles of trail and an ascent of over 3600ft in the BEST scenery - this is not one for the faint hearted.  Includes a trip to the highest point in Somerset, Dunkery Beacon!

If you are one of our loyal addicts - Welcome back.

If you have never been before - we challenge you to come and try.

Well marked & marshalled, lots of water stations. Hot showers, lovely venue and legendary catering - put this one in your diary NOW.

Entries are strictly limited to 300 so why not come and join the party - entries fill up FAST. (Part of the Somerset Race Series)


If your legs won’t run to the Exmoor Stagger you should try the Exmoor Stumble - at approximately 10k it is just as challenging as the Stagger but just that bit shorter. Do not underestimate this race!!

Ascent is just over 1000 feet, and there are glorious views over Minehead... once you've completed the climbing!  Open to runners of all abilities

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